Thursday, October 16, 2008

Made a new movie. Homesick: The Making of a Supervillain. It started out to be just about a gnome who was homesick. I always thought their predicament was horrible. Not to mention, the Alliance goes from one project to the next (Outland, Northrend, etc) without ever helping the gnomes with their homeland. So, the movie was just me thinking how rediclous it was... and the cheery exterior of those little guys must hide some pretty sad stuff. But then, I started thinking about Dr. Doom, for some reason, and realized the gnomes are in a state that's ripe for the rise of supervillains... much like Dr. Doom... with his mixture of science and genius... and MAAAADNESS! Oh well... the ending was supposed to be awesome, but like I said, I didnt realize how full my hard drive was and it was taking a toll on my recording fps, so i just used some static background shots from google with some simple animations. Bah.

But here's a new idea (given wowmodelviewer gets updated since the last patch): GILNEAS! That's right, Gilneas. Much like the Crusade, it has, for some reason, been one of my favorite pieces of lore. I would imagine, that just like Scarlet lore awhile back, I like the lack of information... giving room to dream...

So, imagine Gilneas... one of the strongest of the Human nations coming back. Much like the Crusade, they hate the Alliance, hate the Horde, and hate all non-humans. Except unlike the Crusade, they still hold their kingdom... their royal lineage is intact... they (possibly) have an organized standing army... and they are (possibly) untouched by the plague. Add Worgen to that equation and it equals fun. Much like the Vikings' berserkers, let's say that the Gilneans now maintain regiments of Worgen shocktroops. It's like the Crusade with werewolves. So, um yeah... they finally open their gates to see the world has changed. Their mindset is still stuck in the second war... strong, warring human nations fighting demonic, crazed orcs. Theyd look around and realize they are the bearers of the old way... a banner that men like the Scarlet Crusade could fight under... and that they would bring it old school style... found a New Alliance that was purely Human... uniting the remnants of Stromgarde, Lordaeron, and the sailors of Kul Tiras... and lay waste to the undead and the orcish horde. BUT WITH WEREWOLVES! and damn the dalaraan wizards.
*They're from another time*
*When the kingdoms of men stood strong*
*They remember the old ways.*
*They had lived in isolation*
*Behind the protection of their wall*
*Until now*


Jon said...

I would like to hear more about Gilneas, although I did hear rumours that it had been taken over by the Naga.

Keep up the good work please

Martin said...

I like how you worship all these warhammer 4k leaning fascistic factions of wow, AND YOURE DAMN RIGHT!!!