Monday, April 4, 2011

Let's just get this out of the way...

Yes. A new video. So cookies 4 u!

It's been a long time, yowzers. I have a million ideas for machinimas, but between attempting to RP on Wyrmrest Accord, school, and a million other excuses that are aimed to not make me seem lazy, I just haven't gotten around to making a new one. But, you know how it is... you're talking to some other gnome about your time as an anatomy professor in Gnomeregan... two more gnomes show up with some gadgets... another gnome shows up and invites us to a party at the Stormwind lighthouse with like 5 other gnomes... and... well... you just have to make a movie.

If anyone out there 1. Likes my movies 2. Reads this blog 3. Is not already RP'ing -I highly recommend just trying it out! If youre like me, you enjoy the lore but may find jumping into RP totally overwhelming... Im telling you dont worry! It is so much fun... especially for me, since I really dont like being at level cap... hate redoing to same dungeon/battleground/[insert token or currency] farming. Seriously, you don't need an elaborate, intriguing background story to get into RP... honestly, most of the fun is the people you run into. Just come up with a cookie cutter, lore-respecting story (youre a human... veteran of the Northrend campaigns... did some militia work in Westfall... not that religious... interested in adventuring... you hate orcs... love gnomes... you have a brother name Floyd... yada yada yada) and boom, youre a standard character who can walk around and interact with more elaborate characters without ruining people's immersion. Youll find people are really friendly, especially if you tell them youre an RP beginner and would like to get your feet wet... there are a ton of people who are willing to help. Even the guilds are extremely helpful... you can log in like once a week... participate in a little dialogue here and there... and thats it. RP guilds arent concerned with progression as much as they are fostering RP habits... sooooo, Im rambling and theres probably like 5 people who read this anyway :P so Ill just leave it at this: Try out RP. You dont even have to be level cap to enjoy the best RP has to offer. Just dont be a vampire robot.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

testing my android

Aw yeah.
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

An Karanir Thanagor

a scarlet story devided into three smaller short movies. I'm still trying to find someone to voice Abbendis. Anyways... just some photoshop stuffs that will be in one of them.

Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm on an RP server.


I'm on Wyrmrest Accord right now. Say hi if you like. Just joined a guild on my gnome warlock, Dr. Monchi Zaptonic. BOINGGGG!

PS- I'm working on a few Scarlet videos right now... just FYI, you nerds.