Friday, October 17, 2008

Apocalypse Please

My main is a ret pally, and as you may or may not know we received some nice boosts to our class recently. I've just been ret until now because I was tired of wearing pink and lavender healing gear... I wanted to wear red. I wanted to wear black. And I wanted it spikey. But until now, I've never had the pleasure of taking on multiple enemies with ease... AND GRACE. But yeah, so until we get nerfed, I would like to recommend a song to play while you pvp... Apocalypse Please (instrumental) by Muse.

Because I'm not about numbers and stats. Im a machinima maker. When I pvp I want a cinematic, epic feel. So there you have it. Press stop on your linkin park. die. rez. and put this on. thank you.

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