Monday, August 4, 2008

The End of War

So, I'm working on a new movie. I rendered the little intro I have so far just to see how the colors look and whatnot. It's basically Scryer lore. That long quest you do when you first get to Shatt is where they tell you the story. Now you lazy people don't have to read/listen to it, but can WATCH IT! OOoooOOO. Oh yeah, and thank Caruu for finally putting some voice acting to a Gnomechewer movie. PREVIEW THIS BISH!


Olibith said...

This is looking bad ass ! With Caruu on your side now I see a future full of win ! ^^

Gnomechewer said...

ooo ty Oli

Erunno said...

Wow.... I can't wait to see the whole movie out. O_o